Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tool #3


I really enjoy using and in the classroom. It was great to find out about Viewpure, because I have heard stories and often worry about what might pop up on the active board when searching Youtube. I think it is great for the kids to see what other students in other schools are doing. What a great concept. I remember when I was in grade school, the way we would share our learning was through writing out penpals. Now sharing and connecting is so much fun and so easy!

The first video I chose was one I like showing my students. They always love it! It is a video of middle schoolers singing a song with new lyrics about reading to a very popular song. The students love learning the lyrics and singing and dancing with their books in front of the screen. It is a great way to have a fun break as well as motivates reading. My kids get excited to see the older students having so much fun with reading and want to be just like them, it is so cute.

The second video is an example of how I have been using videos in my class this summer. We are doing project based learning and we are studying about animals. My Pre-K kids are learning so much. Whenever they have a question I guide them with ways we can figure it out and either find videos or pictures of animals we have never seen before. The other day we were discussing stingrays and after observing a picture, my students were wondering where it's mouth was. I showed a short video of a stingray swimming showing above, underneath as well as how it swims. What a great way to learn, for my kids to be able to discover that first hand and talk about their observations at their level.

It was nice to be updated and review the copyright and fair use laws. This is something that you have to be so careful about everyday when finding resources to incorporate in your classroom. There are so many great places to find teaching ideas and materials that you can find that are copyrighted or that you have to pay to even have access to. and are  really neat ways to follow these laws and be able to share great ideas with very talented teachers nationwide.

I think Dropbox is a really neat tool to use to help organize and keep track or certain items. When being introduced to this tool it reminded me of Pinterest. I have a "school" bulletin board, where I keep all of my educational resources and ideas so that all of my favorites can be saved in the same place. I look forward to explore using Dropbox as well as use it as a classroom tool next school year.

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  1. Viewpure is a great tool for schools for just the reasons you mentioned. Youtube can be a little scary! Let me know how it goes with dropbox!