Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tool #10


1. A few things that I would want my students to understand about being good digital citizens are the following:
    * Don't abuse the equipment.
    * Make sure it is put away and ready to use. Leave it how you found it.
    * Follow directions, rules, and expectations.
    * Share
    * Be responsible and make good choices.
    * Be SAFE!

2. I plan to use Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship Presentations on Wes Fryer's Moving at the Speed of Creativity blog.. to help inform my students and parents about the many different factors that good digital citizenship entails.

3. I would model and focus on positive reinforcement as well as follow through with consequences set forth with my expectations. I plan on following through and being consistent with my rules and consequences.

4. I plan to inform my Parents of how I plan on using technology in the classroom, as well as share our strategies to promote good digital citizenship in the classroom. I also want to help answer questions parents might have and direct them to be able to find safe search engine site to use at home.

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