Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tool #11


1. My favorite tools are...
     - Blogger
     - Skype
     - Todays Meet
     - Google Docs
     - Drop Box
     - Wordle
     - Youtube

The very first tool I want to incorporate in my classroom is my class blog. I have one all set up! I plan on using it in many different ways to help taking my class' learning to the next level. I want to have links on the side for easy access for my first grade students to make it to the correct sites. This can help out with logins and being able to start up the applications and links much quicker. I also plan to use those quick links for the students to have additional practice at home. They will know right where to find it! I also want to use it to update parents on what we are learning and doing in the classroom. I also hope it will motivate student work and projects; by posting the students work on the blog I hope that motivates their efforts and participation. I hope my students know how to always make it to my blog and from their they will have access to the told they need. That will help me out a lot! :)

2. Oh goodness, technology definitely takes our teaching to the next level! It is so important for us to understand to use technology as a resource and not completely relying on it to teach. It is important to be flexible and not depend too heavily on technology. It is great to always have a back up, which I am sure we have all figured out first hand because technology seems to not cooperate right when you need it to. Anyway, I am getting so excited to incorporating these tools in various ways to help broaden my student's learning. Everyone learns differently and I think we all know that when you can add fun technology tools to a lesson it instantly becomes 100x cooler! So excited to teach these skills and start modeling the use of these told for my young ones. I am glad we did this over summer, so I can keep this in mind when setting up my classroom to best accomodate my 21st century learners.

3. Honestly, I didn't think I would have learned so much helpful advice. This was a very insightful training. I had no idea there were that many great tools to bring in to the classroom. I'm so excited to get them going!


  1. Looks like you reflected on the application of these tools. I look forward to seeing your kids in action.

  2. Congratulations on completing the tools! I can't wait to see it all in action when school starts. I'm going to add your classroom blog to my reader so I can keep up with you!