Monday, August 6, 2012

Tool #8


It was great to learn that there is a way to connect the netbooks to the projector/active board. That will be very neat to share the progress on a student netbooks with the rest of the class by using the Active board. I also earned little helpful techniques that I wasn't aware of before. I didn't know now to activate & deactivate the keys at the top of the netbook as well as inverting the contrast of colors of the screen. I am very familiar with the iPad and other apple devices, so there wasn't much I didn't already know. I am very excited about all the devices we will now have in the classroom and cannot wait to start using them.

Obviously managing these devices in the classroom is essential for the safety of the students as well as protecting the condition of the devices. I plan on managing my classroom devices by establishing rules and setting expectations for how to use the different devices. I will definitely use the rules and tips offered about managing the netbooks in the classroom. I feel like overall the iPad is much easier to manage in the classroom.

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  1. I have no doubt that your classroom procedures will be sufficient for managing the devices. Once the kids become comfortable with everything, they will be successful with them.